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Activities & Tours

Whether you want to get wet, stay dry, get the heart racing, take a leisurely stroll, turn off your brain and relax or learn something along the way,  we can help you find the right activities and tours to create your ideal Costa Rica adventure!

We know the best instructors and tour guide operators in the area!  If you want to surf, stand up paddleboard (SUP), kayak in the ocean or mangroves, reppel down waterfalls, swim in remote waterfall pools, go deep-sea fishing, go white-water rafting, or go snorkling or scuba diving, we can help you get wet and love it!  And did we mention the dozens of beautiful, sandy beaches?  The closest is only 7 minutes away!

If you're looking for land-based adventures, there's lots to do!  We highly recommend the horseback riding and ATV tours, zip lining and canopy tours, yoga and spa treatments - there's even a small golf course and tennis courts nearby.  Anyone want to go paragliding?

Take some culture home with you and learn something along the way!  There are 4 national parks within a short drive and the birdwatching tours are outstanding.  You can also take cooking lessons with the Gourmet Gringo; tour an organic vanilla and cinnamon farm; visit an indigenous village (where they make chocolate by hand and create beautiful art); shop at the San Isidro farmer's market; volunteer with or tour the animal sanctuaries and turtle hatcheries.  You'll leave with amazing treasures and pictures - guaranteed!

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